Man Accused of Throwing Toddler to the Ground in Frustration

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CARBONDALE -- A man is locked up,  accused of throwing a toddler to the ground and breaking the boy's leg in Lackawanna County.

Carbondale police say early in January, Zachary Amico of Carbondale was giving his girlfriend's son a bath, and the boy wouldn't stop fussing.

Amico allegedly became frustrated with the boy's demeanor and threw him to the ground.  He is charged with assault and child endangerment.



    Note to parents: look at the food you give to the kids if they have behavior issues. Cut out all the sugars. This could be a simple solution

  • shirley

    To all the females that has kids and boyfriends. Pleaseeee stop trusting your man with your child. Enough is enough! Only you can give the best care to your child and no one else. Stop trusting anybody with the protection of your kid.

    • mr. doogooder

      I have better advice to all females with kids and boyfriends. BEFORE you get knocked up to begin with, keep your legs closed, and don’t have sex until you get married with the man you’ll spend the rest of your life with.

      • lola441980

        So, you were a virgin when you got married or is that only the rule for females. Secondly, in no way can this be blamed on the female for trusting her boyfriend. Sometimes marriages don’t work. After 13 years I find myself single because my ex and myself could not make it work. Lifes not a fairytale, sometimes Prince charming isn’t a prince after all. Obviously this guy was a dirtbag, but he may have showed her a totally different side

    • TBOZO

      Not everyone comes from yer whitebread world Shirley. The ladies still have to work since support doesnt pay the rent. Not all have grandparents around to help

  • just saying

    What he did to the baby was pretty harsh but I do give him credit for at least trying to help his girlfriend with her child. Most boyfriends wont help out with a child that is biologically some other man’s.

    • Jane doe

      Is this real!? How thick can you be!? This wasn’t even a serious relationship. He threw a child on the floor because he’s a psycho and cannot control himself. He’s a drug addict and shouldn’t be around children

  • Manly Chesterson

    I hope they destroy him in prison IF he goes. Knowing how things usually go, it’ll be plead down and be on something like probation. Hope not but I can see it happening

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