Looking To A Presidential Promise In Susquehanna County

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MONTROSE -- Televisions were tuned in to the inauguration at McCormack's At The Inn At Montrose and people were watching as the new president, Donald Trump, spoke to the nation.

"I thought his speech was great, I thought it was really well put together but it was still Trump. It didn't seem like someone else wrote it,” said Kristin Argust of Montrose who works at McCormack’s.

In Susquehanna County, the natural gas industry is big.

There are signs of it everywhere, so when Trump makes a campaign promise to boost the industry, people here responded.

Susquehanna County voted overwhelmingly for Trump and now folks say they're hoping he delivers.

"I'm a big fan of Trump in that area, I think that it's important for us to have energy at a reasonable price,” said Stephen Garnecki of Tunkhannock.

"My hope is everything he spoke about expanding the gas industry and bringing energy back into the United States and becoming energy independent everything that he said happens. As a business owner in Montrose, Pennsylvania, the gas industry has been a God-send to us,” said Gretchen Backer of The Inn At Montrose and McCormack’s At The Inn.

Whether it happens or not remains to be seen, but people here have hope.

"Like they say 9 or 10 percent of what a president promises during his campaign actually comes to fruition, so it'll be interesting. I'd like to see the gas industry still thrive up here because I've seen how fruitful it can be to come people,” said Grant Shalp and Montrose.

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