In Girardville, A Brawl in Borough Hall

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GIRARDVILLE -- A fight inside Girardville Borough Hall has two men in trouble with the law.

The two men involved in the fight are the vice president of Girardville borough council and Girardville's former mayor.

Around noon Friday, two borough officials mixed it up inside the borough hall.

"We've argued all our whole life," said former Girardville Mayor Eddie Burns. "It's all political, all the time. But this time he came after me this time. He had his arms around my neck. "

Burns called state police after his scuffle with council vice president Robert Krick.

Burns is left with a bruise on his forehead after a borough secretary broke up the fight.

"He grabbed me by the neck. There was a witness there. The borough secretary saw it all. She told the state police her story," said Burns. "Three times he came after me after I knocked him down twice. Naturally, I was trying to defend myself."

The council vice president says the fight was over this sewer authority rule involving who council could appoint to the sewer authority board.

The former mayor currently heads the sewer authority.

"Some words were exchanged. He charged in the office and there was a little tussle," said Krick.

Both officials still disagree on that sewer authority appointment and on who started the fight, but now both face charges from state police.

"They basically told me the two of us will probably be arrested. Which is fine but I will fight it in the courts all the way," said Burns.

"I didn't initiate the conversation, and I didn't blow through the door," said Krick.

State police have cited both men with harassment for that fight in Girardville Borough Hall.


  • losers

    How come everytime I fart it smells like Girardville? Your guy’s town doesn’t even show up on Quick Spell. And I thought northern Pa sucked!

  • /NATIVE/

    One guy took all of the fundraising that the kids did to build a Skatepark (over $9,000 embezzled) in the borough, then put a new porch on the front of his house, which led to all of those kids with nothing to do either getting hooked on drugs or leaving the area for the military. The other guy is a genius mechanic that rebuilds Porsche’s and Lotus’ while helping those out that do not understand simple mechanical principals and had a recent heart transplant. Robbie Krick wins this one just for not being a c… At least Rob shows up at the funerals of the generation that was lost in this town. I’ve seen him at every one, even when he was very sick and barely able to walk.

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