Crowd Gathers to Watch Inauguration in Columbia County

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SOUTH CENTRE TOWNSHIP -- All eyes were on the many television screens at Scoreboard Sports Tavern near Bloomsburg to watch Donald Trump being sworn in as President of the United States.

"He sounds like he's coming from the heart with everything he's saying and I mean let's give the guy a chance," Carmen Ciotola said.

Ciotola was driving through the area and stopped in to watch the inauguration. He voted for Trump and tells Newswatch 16 the ceremony pumped him up.

"If he goes through with everything he says he wants to do, we're going to have a really wonderful president. But you got to wait and see, we don't know," Ciotola said.

"I'm not saying whether I'm for him, I'm not saying I'm against him. But I think everybody deserves a chance," Chester Knittle said.

Knittle was quiet while he watched the inauguration. He is optimistic about what President Trump had to say.

"I think he has a lot of good ideas. I don't know whether he'll be a good politician or not," Knittle said.

The people who spoke with Newswatch 16 say they're very hopeful that President Trump follows through on all of his promises.

"I hope if he can do that there, he'll be a good president," Knittle said.

Most of the people watching the inauguration at Scoreboard Sports Tavern are Trump supporters and were very excited. But a few were quiet and said they just hope things turn out for the best.