New Natural Gas Fueling Station Coming to Susquehanna County

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FOREST LAKE TOWNSHIP — A natural gas company is building a fueling station in Susquehanna County, bringing dozens of jobs.

Xpress Natural Gas is building a compressed natural gas fueling station in Forest Lake Township, near Montrose, according to the governor’s office.

On a daily basis, the station will fuel up to 100 trailers that XNG uses to deliver compressed natural gas throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states.

The company expects to create 88 new, high-wage jobs over the next three years.


  • Not Quite..

    You know with all the pipelines going through these communities and tearing down their trees, tearing up the residents yards and just plain unsightly messes left behind, you would think the gas companies would lower the rates for ALL TOWNS these pipelines go through. Why, WHY INCREASE THE FEE?? These local pipelines should be decreasing bills and helping the residents where these companies tear up.

    • Haha

      Someone got paid a lot of money to sell their property to clearly the property owner didn’t care if trees were torn down or if their yard was ripped up. Money talks. No idea how this stuff works…

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