Shots Fired in Nanticoke, One Person Killed

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NANTICOKE -- A person was killed after being shot multiple times in Luzerne County.

Police say shots were fired on West Church Street in Nanticoke around 2 a.m. Wednesday.

According to troopers, Brandon Smith, 20, was shot several times and apparently died as a result of the wounds.

Troopers said Smith and another man were outside the home fighting and that's when the unidentified gunman shot and killed Smith.

State police believe the two people knew each other.

For people who live in this neighborhood, it's sad to see a scene like this, but it's not all that surprising given this day and age.

Thurnell Brown moved to Nanticoke from New York City not knowing the crime of the big city would follow him.

"I used to see this every day, so this doesn't surprise me, but the people should be leery and look around and see who's around in your neighborhood. This is where you live. This is your home," Brown said.

Nanticoke police are quick to admit normally things are quiet, but like many places in our area, they've seen an increase in violent crimes over the past few years.

"It's a safe wonderful place, but this is just part of modern life," said another neighbor.  "There's just going to be an element that's doing other things and fighting amongst themselves."

This is the second shooting in Nanticoke in a little over a month. In early December, one person was shot after police say the man tried to break down the door at a home on East Spring Street, about a mile away from the most recent crime scene.

Henry Levi walks five miles through Nanticoke every single day and hears of all the good and the bad. He prefers to focus on the good here.

"I have no problems with Nanticoke," Levi said. "I hope to die in Nanticoke; 75 years here is a long time."

Investigators are still looking for the person responsible for this early morning shooting. Police believe this is an isolated incident and that the shooter and the victim knew each other.


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