Man Accused of Choking Baby

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RICE TOWNSHIP — Police say a man choked a 9 month old because the baby would not stop crying.

Cory Dunn, 28, of Rice Township, was charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, and child endangerment.

The alleged abuse happened in December at a home on Valley Stream Park in Rice Township.

According to court papers, Dunn was watching the baby while the mother was at work. When she came home, she noticed bruises on the child and took it to the hospital.

Police said the injuries were consistent with the child being put in a choke hold.

Dunn was arraigned on Friday and is free on bail.

A preliminary hearing is set for January 25 at 10 a.m.


  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    How the hell does a grown man choke a baby? You’ve got to be a special kind of stupid.

    It’s got to be the blood lines of certain groups of people or something. Because this is not normal behavior. It’s a shame for this child. Unfortunately I’m sure the child has the same gene pool running through its vein and as the scum bag guy and loser mother that allows him to be near the kid. Poor kids just gonna end up being more of the same.

  • pat

    Saying “Loser” is being nice about it. Throw that piece of garbage in jail for a while. Only after you choke him.


    Oh, here’s a new one, man watching child while woman at work and somehow the baby ends up dead. How many times a day do we read about this happening? Way to go girls, way to pick a loser to watch your kids.

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