Geisinger Health System To Hire More Than 150 Nurses

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WILKES-BARRE -- One of our area's largest employers is planning to take on more hires.

Geisinger Health System announced Tuesday it is launching a recruitment effort to hire more than 150 new nurses.

Nursing students at Wilkes University were back to work Tuesday evening in the simulation lab after their winter break. The students are in their junior year and say they're already thinking of the future and what possible jobs will be available when they graduate.

Hearing that Geisinger Health System is launching a recruitment effort to hire more than 150 nurses in northeastern Pennsylvania is great news for them. Many of them already do clinical training at Geisinger.

“Makes me feel like I have a lot of job opportunities right outside of college,” said student Tara McGuire. “And I like Geisinger. I think it's a really nice facility. I'm going there for clinical and I think it's great.”

The new hires would be placed at Geisinger's hospitals in Scranton and the Wilkes-Barre area.

Geisinger is also offering hiring incentives up to $15,000. New hires can choose how they take their incentive.

“Whether they just want to take a sign-on bonus of $10,000, whether they want to take a $15,000 bonus for education reimbursement, or a relocation sign on bonus,” said Tracy Edelstein, Geisinger’s Associate VP of Nursing for the Northeast Region.

“I think it's actually a great opportunity,” said student Katie Fery. “I'm originally from the Lehigh Valley area, so of course, we have Cedar Crest Hospital-Lehigh Valley down there. I think looking to relocate possibly up here once I graduate is a great opportunity, Geisinger's right there and the fact that they have these incentives for us is great coming right out of college.”

“We have a lot of jobs for our nursing graduates in the area,” said Edelstein. “We would love to have them and we're lucky that we have some many great universities and colleges around us.”

Geisinger says the need for more nurses is due to growth within the health system, particularly here in the northeast region.


  • Gale

    Wish they had people to man the “call center” instead of being on hold listening to their crazy music for 20 to 30 minutes every time you try to reach your doctor office!!! My doctor is a gem, like him very much, but not being able to reach him is making me thinking of getting out of the Geisinger System. When I call my doctor I need him at that moment not 2days later!

  • Ben

    thanks Geisinger. family of 5, healthy, self employed contractor….Geisinger Silver : $1,951.75 a month …………how much is enough ?

  • Benjamin T.

    Geisinger was one the first on board with Obamacare and all of a sudden Geisinger had money. What a crock

  • magicmikexxsm

    No wonder my Geisinger health plan is so expensive, you are giving away 10 to 15 thou bonuses…don’t you think that’s a little crazy? know maybe if you gave say 2 or 3 grand my $869.00 premium for a bronze plan would be say maybe $600 bucks…..

  • SamBart

    What a gimmick; must’ve paid wnep some money to even showcase this article.. 150 new jobs; how about the over 400 they still currently need filled, this valley has nothing but elderly and the uneducated, the few good hard working nurses of the valley have more often then not been treated like **** by this company. Take it from me Geisinger has no interest in their staff, it’s all about the bottom dollar; it’s a dame that they have monopolized the entire region and an even bigger same that they are trying to seduce Philly and NJ nurses to come here, take the bonus, stay for one year and then leave; while management continues to treat current staff horribly; This system is Just too big for its bridges.. too many stupid chiefs that pat each other’s backs and not enough Indians

  • RNSpouse

    Maybe if they treated their RNs better they wouldn’t lose so many. Floor managers and charge RN have power trips going on and treat the staff horribly.

  • LLOYD schmucatelli

    Wow, it’s amazing what you can do when the government legislates you a fatter paycheck!

    Most business are laying people off and youre hiring! HMMM

    • Katelyn

      It’s also because they are getting ready to get rid of about that many people in their I.T. dept. as well.

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