ESU Begins New Semester with New Logos

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- Two new logos at East Stroudsburg University were unveiled on Tuesday -- one for the campus and another for its athletic department.

It's all part of the "New ESU" campaign.

It's the start of a new semester for students at East Stroudsburg University. Campus administrators kicked off the occasion by unveiling two new logos.

"I think a change is good," said freshman Paige Moran. "I feel like the logo has been the same for a long time, so a change is good."

The campus logo is an updated version of the old one and is now red, black, and silver.

The athletics logo is now a warrior in a suit of armor.

Students, staff, alumni, and the community all had a say in the brand change.

"I think everyone knows that we lost the Native American imagery a few years ago and since that time we've really had nothing but the word Warriors, and so now we actually have a Warrior logo that better represents our campus," said East Stroudsburg University President Marcia Welsh.

"We are just so excited to unveil it and show the exciting time and welcome in a new era for the university and for athletics," added East Stroudsburg University Athletics Director Josh Looney.

People at East Stroudsburg University believe these new logos give them an identity that they haven't had in a long time.

The former logo was nearly two decades old.

Students think this is a good change for the campus and its image as a whole.

"I mean with the amount of kids that are attending East Stroudsburg now, there is a huge population gap. There are new buildings coming out, so it's nice to add this change," said senior Pali Singh.

"Now people can be like, 'Oh yeah, now that's ESU, the Warriors.' It's actually a Warrior now," Moran added.

In addition to the new logos, the university will also be unveiling its first mascot ever next week on campus.

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  • keepemfar

    I’ve got a better idea….relocate this college to a place in the hills where there are no residents to be uncomfortable and angry due to the drunken students roaming in droves t hrough the streets of Eastburg carrying on like children. Landlords should not rent to some of these animals who are far from good examples of this school….police have been called many times and the landlords to certain residences where these students dwell have been noted and to be cited!

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