Troopers: Man Used Social Media for Sex Crimes

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HAZLETON -- A man is charged with sex crimes in Luzerne and Carbon Counties.

State police say Keefer Mckenzie Ngirngesechei, 20, from the Hazleton area, used social media to target young girls and solicit naked photos of them.

"What he is doing is using social media platforms. From there he is making general conversations and developing a strong rapport with these victims and from there he is exploiting them," explained Trooper Anthony Petroski.

State police say Ngirngesechi met teenage girls from Carbon and Luzerne County on popular social media platforms Snapchat and Instagram. Through there, he exchanged nude photos with the girls.

"He is using those photographs as leverage to sexually exploit these children," said Trooper Petroski.

State police believe after Ngirngesechi received nude photos from his victims, he would threaten to send the photos to other people or delete them in exchange for sexual acts. Authorities believe he had sexual contact with at least one victim.

"We believe there are more out there, but we need these victims to come forward. We want people to know if they believe they are a victim of this individual, they need to come forward to PSP Hazleton and we will take care of the investigation accordingly," Petroski added.

"It makes me feel horrible that people, still in today's day and age, people are -- I don't want to say evil --  but so corrupt," said Thomas Dubesky.

Dubesky from Hazleton is the parent of three teenage girls and one teenage son. The allegations against Ngirngesechi are just another reminder of why he doesn't allow his children on any social media platform.

"You are basically putting yourself in danger by going on the internet anymore. Predators are out there. If they can take advantage of the situation, they are going to."

For parents who do allow their children to have access to social media, state police say this case is a reminder that you should be monitoring everything your child does on those sites.

State police say it is important you know each person you child is talking to through those apps.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the Pennsylvania State Police at 570-459-3890.


  • P

    This is not surprising..the question is, did the girl who filed the complaint say she was under age or did she lie and say she was 18 or older?? This should be found in the text history which any computer person can access even after its deleted. If she lied, she should be held accountable as well. Too many young girls lie about their age…This needs to be investigated too.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Wth kind of last name is that?

    It looks like somebody let a toddler pick out a bunch of random scrabble pieces and called it good.


    Another Filthy Pennsylvania Hipster Doofus in CHEAP BLACK PLASTIC EYEWEAR, THAT IS SOoooooooooooooooooo Pa. !!!

  • jimbrony

    “He then would threaten to delete the photos in exchange for sex acts.” – ??? ‘I’m warning you – if you don’t do what I say – I’ll delete these pictures – I’m not fooling around’. Wow, try again comrades…

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