Tourists Spend MLK Day in Jim Thorpe

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JIM THORPE -- Jamie Curtis and Brian Luckhardt spent their day off walking the streets of Jim Thorpe. The duo from Connecticut has never been to this part of Carbon County.

"It's our first time here and we love it. It reminds me of being in Europe somewhere. We literally just got out of the car so we are excited to walk around and explore," said Curtis.

"Read that it was one of the best places to come in the Poconos and thought it was a cute little town to come and walk around in," said Luckhardt.

The Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend had people from all over coming to visit the borough's downtown.

"The outdoors and the quaintness of the old school Victorian style architecture and the mountain, the hiking trials, that's where we are going," said Danny Conicelli of Pottstown.

This holiday weekend is generally a busy one for the slopes, so a lot of people who came to ski in Carbon County, eventually made their way to Jim Thorpe, and many businesses benefited from it.

The owner of Molly Maguire's Pub and Steakhouse says it has been busy since Friday.

"It was very good for us. A lot of people in for the weekend, going to the ski areas. I believe they were fairly busy over there so then we get the backlash on the way back so it's really good," said Noel Behan, Molly Maguire's Pub and Steakhouse Owner.

After many people grabbed some food, they did a little shopping.

Ann Marie Fitzpatrick owns Nature's Trail on Broadway, she was happy to see people downtown.

"It really makes us feel good because we try to be warm and friendly and people will say it's like other tourist towns. It's not. It's a very Victorian town and a very warm downtown," said Ann Marie Fitzpatrick, Nature's Trail Owner.

Business owners say now it's onto preparing for St. Patrick's Day in March, another busy time for them.


  • Accidents are caused

    MLK would be sad that a brotha of his whom is leaving office divided the country more in 8 years then anyone has done in history! What a accomplishment

  • WarningFakeNews

    It’s got to bother the dems that the holiday just became another 3 day weekend, good for some time off and to get away. King had some excellent ideals on race, namely that it be ignored instead of used to segregate society. Today, MLK would be considered a conservative and not a liberal. Same would have been true for John F Kennedy, although both would have likely adopted to the present day political correctness, something to think about.

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