Crash on Interstate Ramp Slows Traffic in Luzerne County

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BUTLER TOWNSHIP -- A rig wreck in southern Luzerne County slowed traffic early Monday afternoon.

The truck overturned on the ramp from Interstate 80 west to Interstate 81 south in Butler Township. Traffic was getting by on the edge of the ramp.

Crews on the scene had to work to free the driver from the wreckage. He was taken in an ambulance to be checked out.


  • Trucker Wife

    Thank the government for pushing electronic log books! Big companies like FedEx have already switched over which means these drivers are speeding to beat the clock every single day. These day job drivers have to get the job done within that period of time, regardless of whether they hit traffic or other unknown delays. These accidents are just a preview of what is to come once this Federal mandate goes through to ALL drivers by 2018.

      • sc

        Truckers Wife is right and thats one of the reasons i still drive but no-longer drive for a trucking/logistics company. P&D or back-haul.

    • Trucker's Daughter

      Some companies also have govern trucks so they cannot go over a certain speed limit… Say 65. Of course that goes both ways as well. It’s great that they’re going slow but than again it sucks when they’re in an area that is marked higher which causes other drivers to become mad.

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