‘Trump Truck’ Denied at Presidential Inauguration

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THROOP -- At just about every major campaign event in our area during this last election, there stood one of Scranton businessman Bob Bolus' "Trump trucks."

The truck was a popular spot at rallies for people to take photos, and even made wave when it was vandalized twice, and also hit a bridge.  Bolus had three trucks made, with different slogans on each one geared toward Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and even Hillary Clinton.

But now, Bolus tells Newswatch 16 the Trump trucks are not allowed in Washington D.C. for Trump's inauguration.

"They said Secret Service says you can't bring the trailers because for whatever stupid reason they got," said Bolus. "They could live in these trailers. They know they're empty."

Bolus has dealt with Secret Service and members of the Republican Party before, when it comes to the trucks going on the road to big events. But this time, he said he was told by inauguration organizers the trucks would not be allowed at the inauguration.

"They're intimidated because it's a tractor trailer," said Bolus. "If they pay attention, there's portals cut in the back of the trailer, the doors are sealed so they can't be opened, and they can look right inside the trailers to know they're empty."

Back in May, Trump even acknowledged the truck in a post on Instagram:

For Trump supporters in our area like Bruce Knott, it's sad that the trucks aren't being welcomed at Trump's inauguration.

"It just shows everybody's belief in him, and it's part of the campaign, and he did a great job here," explained Knott.

Bill Shelski has plenty of pictures of the trucks but understands security will be tight.

"Security is more important than the Trump truck," said Shelski. "Even though I'm glad Trump is in office, I really don't think it's a big issue. You have to go by the rules."

Bolus tells Newswatch 16 despite the refusal from organizers and Secret Service, he still plans on taking two trucks to Washington D.C.: one for the inauguration and one for the Women's March on Washington. It's just a question of how close they'll be to the National Mall.


  • laura

    for someone who owns a trucking company he isn’t very bright when it comes to the logistic part. trucks are big those streets are busy and narrow. this would create a traffic nightmare

  • bridge bangers

    Well see, Washington D.C. has alot of bridges. They are probably aware of the history Bolus trucking has with trying to navigate bridges. There’s going to be too much traffic in D.C. for them to have to deal with that garbage.

  • 9 Volt

    It’s obvious not everybody has an appreciation for decorated 53′ transport trailers, as festive as it may sound.

  • Brindel

    Maybe the reason the Secret Service doesn’t wanna live in the trailers is only because the doors are sealed shut? I don’t know!

  • Dan

    Trucks and large crowds of people are scary things now a days. I am sure the secret Service and the police won’t let that any where near the festivities no matter what is on the sides. Bob should just go and see the inauguration and be happy with that.

  • Snotriddled

    Nice job on the campaign sir but continue supporting the new prez. He doesnt specialize in making everybody happy all the time.

  • Nasty Woman

    I guess Bolus didn’t get the memo that the campaigning is over… He was an ass during the campaign and he is an ass now…

  • lookback

    Perhaps if he were to install some nice golden (plated) showers in the back of the truck for tRump to use it would have been approved, as long as the Russians were permitted to record PEEotus using it.

  • DJB

    Mr. Bolus, I’m sure the President-elect and the transition team thank you for your support of the Trump movement, but as we’ve seen in Germany, trucks can be hijacked and used as weapons. It is a sign of the times and I am sure you are disappointed, but the Secret Service, Capitol Police, and other law enforcement agencies will more than have their hands filled trying to secure DC with the promised protests and disruptions, let alone the potential for terrorist attacks. Scary times in which we live—I only hope and pray that the news isn’t filled with horrific stories surrounding the inauguration. I don’t care where you sit politically—loss of human life, serious injuries, and destruction do none of us any good.

    • Rurbanite

      And yet the Trumosters have demanded the resignation of the DC National Guard commander at 12 noon on Friday, precisely in the middle of the ceremonies. Will anyone be in charge?

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