Students in Scranton Celebrate Dr. King’s Legacy

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SCRANTON -- Some sang, while others danced. Students and parents in the Scranton School District braved wintry conditions to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at Scranton High School.

President-elect Trump’s recent comments about civil rights activist, Congressman John Lewis, have caused a stir around the country. At Scranton High, one word was stressed, peace.

“We chose peaceful tomorrow as our theme moving forward, how can we unify and become one and celebrate diversity instead of letting it tear us apart,” said James Williams of the Martin Luther King Commission.

The MLK multicultural event also featured an "Everyday Hero" contest. Middle and High school students wrote essays about someone who impacted them in their life Olivia Clough, an eighth grader at South Scranton Intermediate, chose her teacher who keeps Olivia Clough and her classmates engaged during class.

“She always finds fun ways teach us sometimes we get to do classwork with our classmates and not just by ourselves it’s good to learn with others as well,” Olivia Clough, South Scranton Intermediate.

People who came to the celebration say diverse communities need to communicate with each other to help further Dr. King's dream of a peaceful tomorrow.

“I think it's important that people talk and they raise awareness for things they care about,” Salma Ahmed, Marywood University.

The celebration of Dr. King's life continues with an awards dinner at the university of Scranton Sunday and a church service at Bethel AME Church in Scranton Monday.

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