Rollover Crash in Wayne County Weather Related

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SALEM TOWNSHIP -- Messy roads led to numerous crashes on Saturday including one in Wayne County.

State police said slick conditions played a role in a rollover crash on Route 590 near Hamlin around 4:30 p.m.

Troopers said three people were in the vehicle.

No one was seriously hurt.


  • Marvin

    Third time this winter that PennDot dropped the ball on getting out before the ice arrived. Who is running the show over there? You are going to have to get the trucks out anyway to clean up the mess that you could have averted, which is more difficult when attempting to maneuver around vehicles stuck in the middle of the road. so why not go out ahead of the incoming weather and treat the roads? Is this not common sense? And the state jacks up the gas tax to the highest in the nation? Put a stop to all gas taxes until you perform at the level to earn it. Completely unacceptable.Governor Wolf, are you listening. Your butt will be back on the streets after one term so make your retirement plans.

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