Beer Distributors Selling Six Packs in Pennsylvania

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FAIRVIEW TOWNSHIP -- You can now buy a six-pack of beer at many more locations across Pennsylvania. A new law means distributors can now offer six-packs where before they could only sell cases, 12-packs, and kegs.

Patrick Smith of Mountain Top tried something new Saturday. He went shopping for a six-pack of beer at Wychock's Mountaintop Beverage in Luzerne County

"If you want to get more, you can get more, but if you don't like it, you are not stuck with the entire case," Smith said.

Even customers buying cases from the distributor give the new option a thumbs up.

"I get cases most of the time, but it looks like some good stuff over there, so I might try some of that stuff," said Don Klimchok of Mountain Top.

The owner of the distributor says the change really benefits microbrewers because with six-packs, people are willing to try something new.

Judy Sawka at Wychock's explains it took years of lobbying to get the law changed allowing distributors to sell six-packs.

"I am very excited that it is here, variety for customers, more for them to pick from," said Sawka.

She believes the shift will help small businesses like this one survive.

"We do worry about that. We worry about it going into the grocery stores. We want to get as much product in our stores so we can compete with them."

Of course, some bars and eateries have always sold six-packs and refillable bottles called growlers.

While Krugel's Georgetown Deli and Beer is just steps from a distributor, Kevin Krugel isn't too concerned.

"It gives them the ability to get into our market a little bit, but quite frankly in this area, the distributors are looked upon as case beer places," Krugel said.

Krugel hopes by offering a variety of craft brews, customers will keep buying their beer here.

While some distributors started selling the six-packs on Saturday, many more will begin offering them next week.

Another change in the law allows hotels, restaurants, and golf courses to start serving beer on Sundays beginning at 9 a.m. instead of 11 a.m.


  • Valfreyja

    Tips for small distributors: Curation is the entrepreneur’s value-added methodology in the modern era. You don’t need to worry about grocery stores who will be giving shelf space to the big names more than anyone else so long as you diversify your 6 pack variety. For some of you this means not being lazy and actually knowing something about brewing and investing in the local market. Everyone reading this is inherently at an advantage as Pennsylvania is the heart and soul of the microbrew revolution. Get involved. Market these diverse offerings the way vineyards do their wine. Draw parallels between quality and how “clever” the customer is for having noticed. A little ego stroking is always fair game in advertising.

  • rapidturtle

    PA liquor laws are the most absurd I’ve ever seen. It’s so stupid how most other states you can walk into a gas station and buy beer, but PA is such a hassle.

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