Celebrating 100 Years Twice!

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BRIDGEWATER TOWNSHIP -- It wasn't your average birthday party on Friday as two women celebrated 100 years of life.

Not one, but two women are celebrating 100 years of life this week at the Gracious Living Estates in South Montrose.

Jennie Comstock turned 102 on Thursday, and Retha Stone is Friday's birthday girl, turning 100.

"I never dreamed that I would be 100," Jennie Comstock said.

Jennie Comstock and Retha Stone were two of three women celebrating their centennials here.

Elaine Berg is 101 and plans to celebrate her next birthday in July.

Gracious Living says it's quite an honor to have them all living in the same place.

"It is just pretty exciting," said administrator Samantha Barnhart. "You don't see that often and you get a chance to learn from them. They are our elders and they have lots of information to fill us in with."

Retha Stone received cards from the staff and certificate from the Pennsylvania House of Representatives celebrating her birthday. She was happy to be surrounded by friends and family and says the 100 years, "kind of just snuck up" on her.

"I didn't stop to figure it, I just knew it was a birthday," said Retha Stone

For her part, Jennie Comstock gave Newswatch 16 life advice for any of us trying to make it to 100 years and beyond.

"Eating right, that's for one thing, not eating much meat, but eating lots of vegetables fresh out of the garden. That's how I like that."

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