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Warm Weather Makes for Messy Ice Fishing

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GOULDSBORO STATE PARK -- The warmer-than-normal temperatures we're having make ice fishing conditions a little messy.

From far away, the lake at Gouldsboro State Park doesn't look like it's ice-covered but get up close and some ice fishermen will tell you otherwise.

"Doing a little ice fishing and with any luck, we will catch something for dinner," said Kevin Scott of Gouldsboro.

Scott took this warmer-than-normal rainy day to try his luck at catching some fish.

"There's a half inch of water on top of it so anytime you cut a hole, the water is going to be running in it, so you have to keep an eye on how big your hole is because it will wear it away," he explained.

Because of the warm weather, some of the ice melted. It might not look all that safe but fishermen tell us it is and the ice is about eight to ten inches thick.

According to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, four inches of ice is deep enough for one angler to fish on. Seven inches is needed for a small group.

"Well, I have cleats on my shoes. If you slip, you'll bust your head out here," said Wayne Rink of Moscow. "Yeah, just check the ice as you go and just keep an eye on it. Good solid ice, that's all you mainly need."

These fishermen say they always take a buddy and have some emergency equipment handy.

"In the truck, I have a rope and I have stuff just in case but, you know, like I said, I don't have any problems."

For more information on ice fishing safety and where it's safe to fish in your area, visit the state DCNR website.