Teen Dies in Skiing Accident at Shawnee Mt. Ski Area

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SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP — It’s something every ski resort dreads — the possibility of a death or serious injury on the slopes, but it’s what happened earlier this week at Shawnee Mountain Ski Area near Marshalls Creek.

According to officials at Shawnee, Juliette Dajani, 15, from Singapore, lost control and skied off the bottom of a trail, colliding with an orange safety fence. She died at a nearby hospital on Monday night.

Dajani was a freshman at a boarding school in New Jersey and on the school’s ski team.  They were in the Poconos for a team event.

The resort had no further comment on the death.



  • P

    Maybe she was practicing her Cross Country Skiing..Heres the deal, stuff happens..its WHY its called an ACCIDENT!!
    People Die, People Die Young and Old, People die Suddenly too..This girls number was up as you can see.
    Its sad we have to say that the resort will be sued because the family will probably blame the snow or something.
    Why not take it as it is..she was or may not have been that advanced, she went down a slope she probably shouldn’t have been on, she wasn’t an expert skier and lost control of her body and was unable to gain it back on her own. She went off trail thinking that the side of the mountain was safer than continuing down. This is her first mistake and something the ski team should have taught her. What happens if you lose control?? DONT GO TOWARDS THE TREES!! Maybe how the Ski Team Teaches should be looked at.
    Stuff happens, people die..No one was holding her hand, the only one at fault is the girl for making bad decisions..Its an accident..leave it at that.

  • Steve

    “It’s something every ski resort dreads”. That’s your opening line? Shouldn’t we be more worried about the girl’s family, or perhaps even the girl who died?

  • jacksincharge

    I have yet to see a ski area that gets tough on aggressive and out of control snowboarders. Blue Mountain is an example of a dangerous place to take your family, especially kids just learning to ski.

    • john

      I missed how an “aggressive and out of control snowboarder” was somehow at fault for this tragic incident. Stereotype much jack?

    • Live free or die

      I agree with the snowboarders. This isn’t 1997 anymore ‘jackiclown’. I’m not sure if they were a problem then but they def aren’t now.

      I’m a skiier that’s rips way harder down the mountain on my monster rockered bombsticks then 95% of snowboarders who like to charge.

      I’m not out of control but you’re still gonna hate me if pass you going 50 mph faster then you.

      Live in New England now and haven’t skiied blue in 20 years but it was pa’s best MTN. I was a hell raiser then on skiis too at blue.

      I snowboard too but I won’t scare you on one of those.

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