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Talkback: Icy Roads, Busy Signals, and President-Elect Donald Trump

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Our Talkback callers are fired up about a wide range of topics on this edition of Talkback 16, such as president-elect Donald Trump.

Callers are also frustrated by busy signals when they try to sign up for unemployment.

This edition begins with people frustrated by crashes on slick roads on our interstates.


  • Chuck

    The Trump supporter sounded drunk. BTW he wouldn’t let the CNN reporter ask a question calling CNN “fake” news. He then allowed the reporter from Breitbart ask a question. If you’re not familiar with Breitbart , those are the people that gave us the story about the Clintons running a child sex ring from the basement of a DC Pizza Parlor. Then when some Trump supporter went to shoot the Clintons in the basement of the pizza joint they found out there was no basement. There truly is a bazzilion suckers born every minute. It seems there is no shortage here in the North East.

  • James Norton

    This is in reference to the calls about the big rigs crashing. Its not always the rigs fault alot of the time its the 4 wheelers(cars and SUVS) that decide its ok to cut a trucker off or stop on a dime. 18 wheelers need alot more room then we do to stop never mind if they are fully loaded. The ones complaining obliviously never drove or rode in an 18 wheeler. The truckers risk their lives everyday to bring the stuff that everyone needs. Like one caller suggested if school closes then the trucks should stay off the highway well ok if they do that then I guess you would complain about not having your products at the store when you want them. Please give these trucks room so they can do their job they have families that they need to support and want to see them return home.

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