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PennDOT Announces Funding for Sunbury Project

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SUNBURY -- PennDOT just announced $33 million in federal money for projects around the state.  One of those projects is in Sunbury.

Sidewalks on Chestnut Street are cracked, uneven, and many people say they're unsafe.

"It needs to be repaired," Gordon Murray said.

"Sidewalks are crappy.  They need (to be) fixed," Jaime Pehowic said.

"A lot of them you trip over them pretty easy, especially with the ice and stuff," Jedediah Ross said.

Those sidewalks are set to be fixed soon.  The Chestnut Street project started last year and aims to fix sidewalks, curbs, and add curb ramps.  The city just received $640,000 in federal tax money to make the upgrades.

"That's a good thing.  It shows that the taxpayers' money is going in the right direction," Murray said.

Jaime Pehowic walks on Chestnut Street every day on his way to work.  He's looking forward to the upgrades.

"I don't want to come out here and trip and fall on crappy sidewalks," Pehowic said.

The first phase of this project was finished late last year and the people who walk through this area tell Newswatch 16 they definitely notice the improvements.

"They did a good job.  They're easy to shovel, easy to take care of.  There's not too many problems with them," Ross said.

"They really look nice.  It's a process so it will take some time," Murray said.

Sunbury officials are still waiting for about $500,000 to start phase two of the project.  They have applications in for more grant money and hope to start it this spring.


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    I wonder how my ancestors managed to walk around in the civil war! I bet they used their minds and feet! The landowners should be held responsible to fix and maintain the sidewalks in front of their houses and businesses! However if they own the. Sidewalks they should also be able to charge a fee for using them

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