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Obama Surprises a Teary-Eyed Joe Biden With the Presidential Medal of Freedom

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WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama surprised an emotional Vice President Joe Biden Thursday by presenting him the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor, during a White House ceremony.

"I just wanted to get some folks together to pay tribute," President Obama said at the ceremony. "It also gives the internet one last chance to talk about our bromance," he joked.

"If you can't admire Joe Biden as a person you've got a problem," Obama said. "He's as good a man as God ever created."

Before surprising his vice president with the medal, Obama gave lengthy and colorful remarks praising Biden, along with his wife Dr. Jill Biden, his children and his grandchildren.

The president also reflected on his decision to choose Biden as his vice president, saying, "There has not been a single time that I've doubted the wisdom of that decision ... this is an extraordinary man."


  • Terry

    …………first Obama wins a Nobel peace Prize one month into office and now this for lyin’ Joe? Are you kidding me ?! Remember Joe creepy huggin’ all the ladies ? and lying about being from a coal mining family ? and creepy smilin’ at Paul Ryan during the vp debates? plagiarism ? what a guy—— tell us another one, Joe !

    • Zilla

      He lived a very easy lifestyle on our backs and stopped by the area once or twice when it suited his goals to continue his lifestyle. He won’t come back because he helped turn our area into a cesspool of crime and poverty that is below his standards of living. That’s my take. Anybody else want to chime in about it?

    • Zilla

      Please stop kissing this criminal’s No-no places. We in this area went from working good jobs and making it to either not being able to afford our own health coverage and then getting hit with a fine (?), to working multiple lower paying jobs (unemployment is down? that’s a joke) when the good jobs left or as my trade experienced by being a contractor, postponed because of the good jobs leaving. Did Russia hack our jobs? Did they also create the boom of Welfare and foodstamp recipients? Did they let big pharma hook our youth on opiates? Did they overtax small businesses while letting huge box stores dictate employees as just a number and continue mostly tax free? I guess so. Treason, all of it. Put on some more make-up and tell us what good it does when this is not about race or wealth as much as it is about culture. Are you here? Can you hear me?

  • Zilla

    Trump just fired himself, Ivanka also cut ties with the family business. Then Trump donated any profits he would make from foreign interests concerning his hotels to the U.S. Treasury. Plus, he refrained from taking a salary over $1 per year of his term. Can we get a story on ANY of this WNEP? Or is it more important to talk about the past failures than to look upon our bright future? These two clowns are trying to take credit for our home market booming, AFTER the election? What about the craziness happening in Mexico with riots and looting over a 20% fuel hike? I purposely put easy things for you to report and disprove (take your time), but your job titles afford you the rare effect to build community. What are you doing? Why would you not want prosperity and pride for the place that you come from? Cover REAL happenings. Please.

    • WarningFakeNews

      I’ve always said the real evidence of bias, most of it, is found on the cutting room floor. That’s saying something, too.

      Biden did give the ladies and even at least one little girl those massages, and occasionally, they were desired. Not so much with the little girl. Look it up.

      • Zilla

        The proof is there, but if I gave the link? My comment would be “held for moderation”. Aint no dumb people in NEPA that are still worth a damn. The dumb ones are lapping this nonsense up like watered down soup however. Numerous writers have somehow predicted our state of affairs and if I gave you all a year that is also a title? Or the story of a person locked up in a prison camp unjustly? Would you say 1984, and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn while listening to today’s news and realizing the USSR does not exist because they were killing their dissenters? Of course not. If we dissent, we are silenced. Whether it is here or in real life. Deletion challenges us “Coal People” more from what I’ve seen. Our families strifes have built this country and world for what it is today. There is no knocking us down. We can only do it to ourselves. Some of the strongest people I’ve seen in my travels around the country.

  • George A, Stephens, Jr

    that’s just typical of this administrations last minute grasps at power and for what, to give a liar an senile imbecile an honor, just as worthy as bozo with the Nobel prize, both are pieces of work, best forgotten.

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