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Montour County Sheep to Shawl Team Continue Winning Ways

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HARRISBURG -- One of the most popular events every year at the Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg is its "Sheep to Shawl" competition.

Six teams took part in the contest.

Each team made up of a weaver, three spinners, and a person to help prepare the materials gets two and a half hours to go from shearing the sheep to completing its shawl.

The winners for the sixth year in a row are the team from Montour County "Time Warp."

The team included Carl Geissinger, Emily Kephart, Ivy Allgeier, Katherine Dashner, Libby Beiler and Jeff Johnstonbaugh, who have been working together for more than 14 years. The team has won the shawl contest a total of nine years, according to a release from the Farm Show.