Lawyer Accused of Stealing $127,000 from Clients

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HUGHESVILLE – State police believe over the past year, attorney Mary Kilgus may have taken more than $100,000 from her clients. This all came to light after two of her employees quit their jobs and went to police.

According to court papers, when state police searched Kilgus Law Office earlier this week they were looking for billing statements, receipts, and computers. It's all over allegations that over the past year the owner of the law firm, Mary Kilgus may have been billing clients for work that wasn't done, withholding money owed to them, and using the Kilgus law office business account for her personal use.

Troopers believe over the past year, Kilgus and her daughter Scwanne may have taken around $127,000 from the business.

"It says she would regularly use the business account as her personal account, spending client money on personal expenses like alcohol, restaurants, shopping," said Diane Russell, reading the court paperwork.

Down the street from the law office at Kathy’s Café folks were surprised by the allegations.

"It's hard to trust anybody anymore. You used to be able to trust people a lot more," said Russell.

Earlier this month, two employees at the law firm quit their job because they believed their boss was stealing money. Newswatch 16 spoke with those employees off camera. They tell us over the past few months several clients had called in crying because they wanted their money back, and were not able to pay bills owed.

"I applaud them for coming forward because evidently, the people who complained didn't get anywhere with anyone," said Russell.

No charges have been filed. Mary Kilgus who once ran for D.A. wasn't available for comment. However, her law office in Hughesville is still open.


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