Animal Rescue in Wayne County Seeks Volunteers

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CHERRY RIDGE TOWNSHIP -- A farm in Wayne County that rescues animals is putting out the call for help. Billy's New Hope Barn is in need of volunteers.

Step inside at Billy's New Hope Barn near Honesdale and you'll meet a variety of animals that live here following some tough times.

Percy the pig was part of a prank on someone who lives on Long Island, New York. Percy was taken from his mother at a young age only to wind up here with Marcy Bunting.

"We have rescued animals from as far as Ohio, New York State, Connecticut, and all the way down South Carolina," said Bunting.

Bunting tells Newswatch 16 that she and her husband now use the former dairy barn to house roughly 40 animals in need of care including cows, a horse, hogs, and chickens.

The whole operation is run on donations, but without enough volunteers to help around the farm, Bunting stopped taking animals in.

"We really need help. A lot of times it's only myself doing the work. We have a few volunteers that pop in here and there but it's 365 days a year, seven days a week, hot weather, cold weather, holidays, the whole thing."

No matter the season, volunteering at Billy's New Hope Barn here near Honesdale is a messy job with cleanup up from the animals either outside or inside where they're taking refuge from the cold.

These animals, both big and small, need to be fed food and water. They also need a lot of attention and Bunting is appealing to anyone who can even volunteer one day a week for a couple hours.

"I think it's a time constraint, everybody's so busy and it's hard," Bunting said.

Billy's New Hope Barn also accepts donations including blankets for the pigs.

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    This is the Problem with todays Society. The younger generations aren’t made to do something without getting a reward they can show off. Pure Fun and Satisfaction just don’t cut it. People are busy and its amazing how once they finally sit down they become “bored” but unfortunately they cant think for themselves or pull out their inner imagination because it was long gone the second life became a time schedule.
    I think children of a very young age should be made to volunteer somewhere (and not at home) for a few hours each month, teach them that helping without reward can be quite satisfying. Plus it helps build skills for future use and could be credited towards their school. Instead of parents paying for fun, they should spend a few hours at a farm like this, I bet the bonding will be more grateful than if they paid for a sport and sat on the side lines and feed their kids Gatorade which they shouldn’t be drinking because they don’t sweat.
    Ill be stopping by this farm..Who doesn’t love Farm Animals??

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