Reaction to President-Elect Trump’s News Conference

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WILLIAMSPORT -- President-elect Donald Trump's news conference caught the attention of people in northeastern and central Pennsylvania.

People wanted to hear what he had to say just days before he takes office.

People we watched with had mixed reactions to the news conference, but most were positive. Everyone we spoke with is happy President-elect Trump is handing over his business to his sons, and despite some concerns, most people Newswatch 16 spoke with say people should give him a chance.

It was quiet inside the TV room at Rose View Center, a nursing home in Williamsport. All eyes were fixed on the television as President-elect Donald Trump gave his first news conference since July.

"He's not going to make a perfect president, but give him credit, he's doing a good job," Isabella Troxell said.

He started the news conference by shooting down accusations that Russian operatives claim to have compromising personal and financial information about him.

"Maybe some of it's true. Maybe it's not true. You don't know," Catherine Orso said.

All of the people Newswatch 16 spoke with at Rose View Center voted. Catherine Orso is a Trump supporter, but unsure of her feelings on Russia.

"I just keep hearing how they hacked this and how they're doing that and I don't know how we can trust them," Orso said.

But Trump insists we do not have to worry about any relationship between him and Vladimir Putin.

"I have no dealings in Russia. I have no deals in Russia. I have no deals that could happen in Russia," Trump said.

Kitty O'Connor is not a Trump supporter. She is worried about the president-elect's vows to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

"Because we need it for glasses and hearing aids and teeth, everything old age brings," O'Connor said.

During his news conference, President-elect Trump said the only people who care if he released his tax returns are the media. The people we spoke with had a difference of opinion on that.

"I think he should, but everybody's getting up in arms about it," Emily Bell said.

"I don't think he should necessarily have to release his tax returns. I feel like people attack Trump's policies because they don't necessarily agree," Andrew Langan said.

Neither of the college students we spoke with thinks the president-elect should delete his Twitter account, which seems to spark controversy at times. One student believes Trump should scale back his tweets and the other said since everyone else can have one, why can't he?


  • Chuck

    I don’t know about this new story I have been in DC searching the basements of pizza parlors for the Clinton’s child sex ring that they are running.

  • Duncan MacLeod

    I really try not to comment. Life is short. Anything that doesn’t fit the rhetoric gets erased. Why do so many brilliant minds come here to get shut down? We, that your station labels as bigots, racists, or bumbling fools without proof of conduct? That when we run into your reporters, we just kindly and mannerly refuse to speak to them? Go to the places in our area where liberal ideals have already succeeded. You wouldn’t come back alive from a place like Norristown, or a couple places in Reading, sad to say. You went from “The Pennsylvania Road” to “The Ruination of Law and Guilt Pedaling”. This bogus mindset will start a race/civil war that sound minded individuals will not be able to control in good conscience. Do you not see that? Do you not see that others see what you are doing? We will go get our news someplace else. Delete this if it makes you feel good, but be wary of all of those same style actions. “Delete” don’t fix “Wrong”

  • AAORD21

    The media has gotten so biased that good journalism is basically dead. The mainstream media’s darling Obama, will no longer be president. The media went from being about the news to defending anything and everyone Obama basically did the past 8 years, other than Fox News which spoke out against him. The media’s job was to hold our elected officials accountable and they broke all of that the day Obama was sworn in. He was a God like figure to them. Obama cared more about being a celebrity than he did about being president. He far left progressive agenda did nothing, but damage our nation. I hope Trump will demolish everything Obama did.

    • redrum

      Yep, you can thank Bill Clinton for deregulating the First Amendment concerning ownership of the media outlets in the ’90’s to make these fake news organizations possible. It’s the same as NAZI propaganda. They didn’t see the internet coming until it was already here. Look at the icons displayed to figure out who hates American tact for real freedom in life. Citizen driven media is burning these snobs that have no idea where the power from the light switch comes from.

  • WarningFakeNews

    “You are fake news” Trump said to CNN’s reporter. If you want to understand why we elected Trump, this is it in a nutshell, not one of the other GOP candidates would have taken them on, even when they desperately deserved it. Trump fights back and that is EXACTLY what we love about him. The industrial military complex we were warned about by Eisenhower are fighting tooth and nail to keep the money flowing to them, their buddies in congress (McCain, Graham), and the democrat party as well as the Republican elites AKA “Never Trumpers”

    Trump won, and will keep on winning against the establishment types, the swamp dwellers, who- by the way, object mightily to the swamp being drained. As it should be. CNN- Fake News.

    • zilla

      Turns out it was all based on a 4Chan user who sent “Fan Fiction” to a Buzzfeed editor who ran it as a real story… Like a moron, then “intelligence” agencies picked up on it as an “unconfirmed source”, like bigger morons. Sounds like fake news to me.

      • WarningFakeNews

        Let’s not let McCain slide here, he’s the one who foisted it upon the agencies, asking them to investigate it. McCain and Graham have a lot of bad blood between them and Trump, as do the Bushes. All of them would probably have rather had Hillary win because she was so easy to buy and she stayed bought. In all likelihood the RINOs won’t matter after the next congressional election because the implosion of the democrat party is sure to continue. Even now, Trump won’t need McCain or Graham once he’s in- Pence will be a tie breaking vote, so they can go and live across the aisle where they are always so warmly welcomed.

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