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Emergency App Keeps People Alert in the Poconos

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MONROE COUNTY -- You never know when an emergency will happen, when a road will close unexpectedly or bad weather swoops in, but the "CodeRED" phone application is keeping people in the Poconos a little more in the loop.

"It's perfect because if you're out and about, that is usually when you need to know, right away," said Marni Niper, Delaware Water Gap.

Monroe County Emergency Management uses the "CodeRED" system to send notifications right to a user's smartphone, everything from evacuations to road closures, weather alerts, and more.

Marni Niper from Delaware Water Gap says it comes in handy.

"It's very nice. It's nice to have and it's good for my kids, too. I have one that drives so it's nice for him to have also," said Niper.

Bruce Henry is the director of the Monroe County Emergency Management building. He says the app is free and gets information out fast.

"Like if Route 80 gets closed for a traffic jam or weather issue, anything like that, they will be able to get that notification to find an alternate route. Weather forecasts, any major storms, anything like that, will come on the same way," said Bruce Henry, Monroe County Emergency Management Director.

Downloading the "CodeRED" app is actually quite simple. It only takes a few minutes to set it all up and get connected to the whole county.

We showed Steve Martz from East Stroudsburg how the app works and how to download it. He says he wished he had known about the service earlier.

"There seems to be a lot of road construction around here, especially in the summer. It doesn't matter which road you turn down, there is always a detour, so it's definitely going to be something nice to have," said Martz.

To get "CodeRED" alerts sent straight to your phone or your email, click here.


  • Robert M Anderson

    I would have to say that yes there is a problem with people looking at their phone when driving but that is the driver’s fault not the phoneor the people that invent apps for the phone. It’s the driver’s fault for not having their priorities straight. They need to think what is more important. The safty of the people in the vehicle or the information that their phone just got.

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