Bomb Squad Makes Easter Eggs for Visually Impaired

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SNYDERSVILLE -- Easter might still be a few months away, but in Monroe County on Wednesday, some people put together more than 50 Easter eggs for children who are visually impaired.

The eggs make a noise so those on the hunt can easily find them.

The eggs sound just like a smoke alarm, but these noisemakers won't be hanging on your ceiling. More than 60 of them were built at the Monroe County Office of Emergency Management building in Snydersville.

"We all got into public service to help people and this is just one way we can lend a hand and help kids so they can have a great day," said Bethlehem bomb squad member Lucas Fuller.

Each egg was made by members of various bomb squad units from northeastern Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley.

It's all part of a partnership with the Greater Wilkes-Barre Association for the Blind.

The eggs will be used at an Easter egg hunt in the spring.

"We want to give them the opportunity to do something that all kids are able to do. So in this case, an Easter egg hunt would be something they might have participated in, in the past, but really couldn't do it independently," said Sara Peperno, the Greater Wilkes-Barre Association for the Blind.

It's a bunch of bits and pieces put together to make these Easter eggs and while the finished product will help someone who is visually impaired, the assembly part actually helps these technicians practice their skills.

Each egg has an on and off switch on the outside and some wires, a beeper and a battery on the inside.

Jeremy Finan from Bethlehem Fire and Rescue says it takes some time to make each egg.

"It's difficult working with smaller wires, but this is what we are going to see. It's also time-consuming and it's attention to detail. That's the biggest thing, but it goes with our job every day," said Finan.

The hunt with the beeping Easter egg is scheduled for the first week of April in Luzerne County.

Get more information about the Greater Wilkes-Barre Association for the Blind here.


  • Kim B

    Why not just put regular Easter eggs around a smoke alarm sounding device?
    Oh I know, it won’t get written up as a brilliant idea.

  • caps not on

    This is a great idea I would loved to have helped with this I wish it would have been made public beforehand.

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