Police: Taco Bell Employee Copied Customer Credit Card Numbers

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WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP — Police have a warning for people who used a credit card at a fast food restaurant near Wilkes-Barre last month.

Officers said an employee at Taco Bell on Wilkes-Barre Township Boulevard copied customers’ credit card numbers and possibly sold them or used them.

If you used a credit card at that Taco Bell between December 1, 2016 and January 9, 2017, police advise you to check your card statements for possible fraud.

If your account was compromised, Wilkes-Barre Township Police ask you to contact them at capparell@twp.wilkesbarre.pa.us


  • WarningFakeNews

    There is a push to move us towards a cashless society underway. This incident doesn’t begin to scratch the surface as to why that would be a very bad thing. The lack of privacy, the ease of taxing us at whatever rate the government wants to with almost no recourse are far worse than the occasional theft.

    • Axia

      It is much easier to steal cash and unlike credit cards there is no digital trail where it went. Yes, bills have serial numbers, but do you know the serial number of every bill in your wallet, and do the people you spend bills with write them down as well? Your statement is ignorant and foolish. Not to mention that if you are going to be taxed, it does not matter if it’s on credit or cash, it works the same way. In every way possible, credit cards are safer, more secure, and better than cash EXCEPT ONE THING: Merchant transaction fees.

      • WarningFakeNews

        Yeah, biometric ID to buy or sell something, or for making sure you get taxed, but you can still walk up and vote without having any ID at all in most states. You can die, for that matter, and someone will be happy to vote democrat on your behalf, too.

  • Marcus Allen

    That’s it?
    No other information?
    I used my credit card there during that time. How long do I need to watch my card? Who was it? Does Taco Bell have a statement? Help us out a little.

    • Raven

      Just pay close attention to your credit card statements for the next few months that’s all. Any person who uses credit responsibly should be checking their statements monthly anyways, it’s not a dig at you just a fact.

    • Mckenzi

      Watch your card for a few months. You can also go to any of the 3 credit agencies and request an Initial 90 Day Fraud Alert. It doesn’t hurt your credit score but it does alert any and all banks and companies that use your credit info that there is a chance of fraudulent activity that you’ll be more likely to be alerted to…and it prevents you from being responsible for it.

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