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Owners Vow to Come Back after Fire at Garage

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- A business in Monroe County promises to rebuild after a devastating fire. Flames destroyed Whitmore's Garage near Stroudsburg Monday night.

Owners were at the place Tuesday sorting through the rubble. They say they plan to do whatever it takes to come back.

"I put 37 years, seven days a week into this business, so this, this has been tough," said co-owner Frank Whitmore Jr.

The business services many of the area's larger trucks. Seven trucks were lost.

Jim McGuire from Stroudsburg had a truck parked there. His rig froze from the water and has some minor damage.

"I lost the tarp up top which is no big deal compared to what my friends lost in the building there, Greg and Frank. It's nothing. I mean what I lost is minor," said McGuire.

Explosions were also heard from inside the garage. Eric Monteforte heard the loud booms from his house in Stroudsburg. He's friends with the Whitmore family.

"It's a shame that he lost his business. He's a hard-working guy, built up a nice business for himself. I don't even know what to say to the guy."

A state police fire marshal is investigating, but owners believe the fire may have started in the back of the building where the boiler is because it's the only thing they keep on all night.

Greg Shields is another co-owner of the business. He says being in this situation is devastating.

"I was basically in shock. I'm still kind of in shock. I don't know what I am doing this afternoon. I don't know what I am doing tomorrow, basically, just starting all over again," said Shields.

"We are here. We will do what we can until we can get fully operational again, but we will try to keep everyone rolling," Whitmore added.