Drouse Set To Post New School Swimming Records At Scranton

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Aidan Drouse made a splash on the swimming scene a year ago setting new school records in the 500 free, the 200 free and the 400 free relay as a freshman for the Scranton Knights swim team.

"I'm improving at a steady rate and I think that it's been a good start to the season as we can see with our first couple meets I'm looking to improve throughout the season," said Aidan.

Now 16-year-old Drouse is poised to do more. He's taller, stronger, and experienced. Three things that help a swimmer and it doesn't hurt to have your dad's help as the head swim coach at Scranton.

"He's doing really great with everything. He's actually in addition to training in the pool and everything else, he is also hitting the gym very hard and increasing weights. He did have a growth spurt this past year and put on an inch and a half and almost two inches. So as an athlete he is getting taller and in swimming height does play a factor into everything," said Dave.

"It's given me experience that I didn't have prior to swimming in the high-school atmosphere and yes it has helped me out a lot this far," again said Aidan.

Aidan started swimming at the age of 6 and holds many of these Sea Knight records. He still has 2 1/2 years of varsity swimming left here at Scranton and he'll be going for some more pool records with the Knights.

"It's definitely a confidence booster all around. It's nice. They are just records.It's the time that I am looking for," added Aidan.

"As Aidan came up through the age group program and everything else it has been a pleasure coaching him as a parent and as a coach and everything. He is very dedicated to what he is doing, and he is very focused on where he is going to go, not only in swimming, but in his school career and everything else," added Dave.

Drouse helped the Knights to a win in a key Lackawanna League match-up Monday against Scranton Prep. Steve Lloyd reporting for Newswatch 16 sports in Lackawanna County.