Arctic, Snowy Blast Hits Bradford County Before the Warm-Up

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SAYRE -- Bradford County was slick and snowy, icy and arctic on Tuesday.

In Sayre, the roads were coated with slushy snow and plow trucks were out.

"It was horrible, actually on my way to work. It was really nice like 7:30, then it started snowing, flurries real quick then it started raining,” said Gregg Turner of Sayre.

The snow piles in the area may not last too long, however.

There's a warm-up in the future and unseasonably mild temperatures in the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday.

"I think it's great. I took vacation for the next two days. I have the next two days off!" cheered Turner.

"I sure hope that happens, yeah, that would be really nice,” laughed another Sayre resident, John Eppers.

While some people tell Newswatch 16 they are ready for a quick warm-up, others say they’re not.

"Seems unusual. Doesn't seem right for January. It would be nice if it was nice and cold like it should be,” said Neil Mosier of Sayre.