The Birds are Back at the Farm Show

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HARRISBURG -- One of the busiest rooms at the Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg is also one of the loudest.

About 700 chickens, turkeys, and ducks are on display at the farm show, and people are happy to see them.

"We love seeing the birds. We were just over checking out the ducks and the turkeys. Now it's the chickens' turn," Sue Schwab of Towanda said.

Because of the threat of the avian flu, birds were not allowed at the farm show last year, but the ban was lifted this year.

"We didn't make it last year, but the birds weren't here, so we weren't terribly worried about that," Schwab said.

"I mean there are a lot of things that are new and fresh, but this is just one tradition that everybody really felt the loss last year. So we're really happy the birds are back," Bonnie McCann said.

Volunteers say chickens have been one of the most popular exhibits at the farm show. Well, the chickens and the duck slide.

Speaking of the duck slide, people lined up to watch the ducklings walk up a platform and slide into the water.

Angie Schoonover and her son William liked watching the ducklings.

"It was really great to have the birds back this year. We got to see the little ducks that were sliding down their little ramp and that was one of Will's favorite things so far," Angie Schoonover said.

Last year's ban on birds did not just affect the people who visit the farm show. The folks from Erdman Game Farm in Herndon could not bring their peacocks.

"Last year was kind of upsetting for us because with the bird flu we weren't allowed to bring them in case there was any kind of contamination or anything," Mary Erdman said.

This was the final day for the bird exhibit, but the Pennsylvania Farm Show runs through Saturday.

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