Palmerton Area School District Teachers Strike

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PALMERTON -- Teachers in the Palmerton Area School District hit the picket lines Monday.

Some parents delivered pizza and some students brought the striking teachers hot chocolate and coffee.

The offer from the school district includes a starting salary of $50,000 and an annual raise of 3.25 percent. In exchange, teachers are being asked to pay more for health care.

But the union wants co-pays to stay the same and raises on a sliding scale of up to 5 percent.

Some taxpayers believe the teachers' union should take the deal.

"I think they should take it. I really do," said one person.

"My daughter is a speech therapist for the school district, so she's in there, walking and I just feel sorry for them that they have to go through this," June Hudock.

The strike could last about 10 days.


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