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HARRISBURG -- Where can you find almost 6,000 animals and more than 10,000 exhibits under one roof? The Pennsylvania Farm Show, of course!

It's the 101st year for the show which celebrates Pennsylvania's agriculture. Organizers are playing off that anniversary by hosting classes called Agriculture 101.

"It's all kinds of basic and advanced issues in agriculture," explained Bonnie McCann, Department of Agriculture communications director.

There is a wide variety of free classes.

"All the benefits without the tests, term papers, and tuition," said McCann.

Organizers call the Pennsylvania Farm Show the largest indoor agricultural exposition in the country. It brings in about a half million people each year, including Don Wilmot of Sterling.

"This is like our 37th year coming down and every year you see something new, you run into people you know from home."

This year's theme is "Our Commonwealth's Blue Ribbon Experience."

"It's just a wonderful thing to show people what agriculture does and Pennsylvania is a big agriculture state," said Wilmot.

Some people from northeastern and central Pennsylvania don't just come to the farm show to enjoy themselves, they come to show their products and animals.

The folks from Erdman Game Farm in Herndon brought four peacocks.

"We sell our feathers here, eggs, they do sell the birds. We have some accessories with the feathers. We're just very busy this week," said Mary Erdman.

The Pennsylvania Farm Show runs through Saturday in Harrisburg. Admission is free. Parking is $15.

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