Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting Two Boys in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- A man faces charges for allegedly sexually assaulting two boys in Scranton.

Ryan Mercado, 22, is accused of raping those boys eight years ago when the alleged victims were younger than 10.

Detectives tell Newswatch 16 Mercado admitted having sexual contact with both boys.

Police charged him on Saturday.

Mercado is locked up in Lackawanna County.


  • Back to mehicko

    Wow he was 14 when he did this to those boys? Doesn’t make sense? If he is ever to be put back out at least castrate him!

      • BE NICE

        Then lock him up and throw away the key in a US Federal Prison….GEEZ! Or better yet, do what “KILL THEM” says, and save lots of taxpayer dollars, which provides a better life for our children and our entire community.

      • Dennis

        “A foreigner.”

        Yeah. If he had a name ending in “ski” I’m sure you and yours would be crying the same tune. Get back to me when you people insist on sending all the white criminals back to Europe.

    • Dennis

      The United States Constitution. Due process. Those pesky things that protect even emotionally charged morons like yourself from being dragged into the street and shot when other emotionally charged morons decide you’re a menace to society and need to be dealt with.

      Welcome to the country. Enjoy your stay.

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