Drivers Have Mixed Reactions to Increase in Pennsylvania Turnpike Tolls

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CARBON COUNTY -- Bob and Fern Boyce are traveling from Tunkhannock to Allentown to meet their grandbaby

Since tolls on the trip are going up — they're trying something new

"We went to AAA and bought our first EZ pass," Bob Boyce said.

For the ninth year in a row Pennsylvania Turnpike tolls are increasing, something these travelers at the Hickory Run Service Plaza found hard to swallow.

"This is absurd, over $10 just to go through a toll, $2 or $3 is understandable," Jessita Dodd, Rochester, New York, said.

If you are paying cash, a trip from the Poconos to the Wyoming Valley will cost you 20 cents more. It might not look like a lot of money but commuters say it adds up.

"Probably gotta make more money somewhere, make ends meet," Mike Maxwell, Summit Hill, said.

"It's like everything else it keeps going up, hope my pay goes up too," Ray Barth, Lehighton, said.

And if you are driving a big rig the hikes are even bigger.

Truckers we met in Carbon County say they plan to bill customers for the cost.

"We pass it on to the customer, whatever the toll is the customer pays for it, you have to charge them more," Dave D'Alessandro, New York, said.

Officials say the increase is necessary to maintain and improve the aging system, parts of which were built 75 years ago.

"Somebody has to pay for it, fixing the roads when they are not right, so I am for it," Frank Miller, Williamsport, said.

One trucker brought a sunny outlook from California, saying he doesn't mind paying the tolls since he sees the Turnpike improving.


  • Sam I Am

    Well maybe if the TPC had a reliable EZ pass system that collects fares from every vehicle then they wouldn’t need to raise the fares.
    DUH !!

  • Turnpiker

    The higher it goes, the less people are going to drive it, the more they have to raise it to make up for the fewer number of drivers. When I drive the Clarks Summit to Pittston stretch, I hardly see anyone on it anymore.

  • GrammarIsImportant

    I see that officials didn’t mention that they need to up it to keep propping up big city public transportation systems. 40% of toll proceeds go to subsidize city residents commutes. Ridiculous.

    • WarningFakeNews

      You bring up a great point. A lot of the funding from other sources like tolls and from the lottery pay for running empty or nearly empty buses around all day long here. Government waste and abuse at its finest.

    • Raven

      Actually you’re wrong… It’s a Federal Law that States are not allowed to use money from Toll Roads on ANYTHING but maintenance and upkeep for that Toll Road. That is why they scrapped plans for turning I-80 into a Toll Road because the Feds told them they couldn’t use the money for anything other than I-80 repairs.

    • burp

      I don’t ever purchase 12 packs of soda while traveling on the turnpike. I always purchase beer. It makes the high tolls easier to swallow.

  • Ellie B Sane

    A trip to see my Dr. near Philladelphia costs me nearly $40 round trip in tolls without adding gas costs. It’s getting to where it’s not affordable to use the turnpike anymore.

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