5 Dead in Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting, Suspect in Custody

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Fort Lauderdale, FL — Gunshots erupted at the Fort Lauderdale, Florida, airport on Friday, leaving five people dead.

Authorities say the gunman, who appeared to be acting alone, is in custody.

Here’s the latest on what we know:

• Five people are dead, and 13 injured people were transported to hospitals, Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief told CNN.

• The gunman had a gun checked in his baggage and had declared the firearm, law enforcement sources told CNN.

• The suspect flew to Florida from Alaska, the sources said. When he arrived at the airport, he retrieved his bag at baggage claim, he took out the gun and started firing, the sources said. One source said he went to the bathroom to get the gun out of his luggage and emerged firing.

• Broward County Sheriff Steve Israel said the gunman likely acted alone. The sheriff said it was too early to say whether terrorism was the motive.

• Multiple reports on social media — including tweets from former White House spokesman Ari Fleischer — described the shooting.

• Gene Messina told CNN he’d arrived at the airport as people were being evacuated from the terminal. “I got off the plane and I saw people running and screaming,” he said. “At first I was in shock but when I saw TSA agents running, I booked.”

• Investigators are looking into the gunman’s motive, Sharief told CNN. Investigators haven’t released his name or detailed the events leading up to the shooting.

• The shooting occurred in the baggage claim area of Terminal 2, officials said.

• Parts of the airport were evacuated. Aerial footage from CNN affiliates showed large groups of people standing outside on the tarmac.

• More than an hour after the shooting, officials had allowed people to return into the airport, but tensions were still running high, a witness told CNN.

“Everyone sprinted outside again. We are back out on the tarmac,” Judah Fernandez said, adding that it was unclear why people had rushed outside.

• The first call about the shooting came in at 12:55 p.m. ET, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office said.

• Most flights scheduled to land at the airport will be delayed or diverted, the FAA said. Flights in the air as of 2:15 p.m. that are within 50 miles of the airport will be allowed to land, according to the agency.

• In November 2016, nearly 2.5 million travelers passed through Fort Lauderdale’s airport, according to a government report on the facility.

• There are four terminals at the airport, which ranks 21st in the US in terms of total passengers.

• The airport serves about 30 airlines. Many passengers use it because of its convenience to nearby cruise ship terminals.

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  • RicU.

    Hold on a minute. This passenger went right by the book. He declared the weapon, put it in the checked luggage in Alaska where he had acquired it legally and flew into Fort Lauderdale. All this was done LEGALLY. What are these comments saying? I don’t see anyone quoting fact in evidence from the article or elsewhere in most of these.

  • WarningFakeNews

    According to TheGatewayPundit, (just turn that name into a website) CNN doctored the photo of this subject to make him appear more white. What is the motivation behind that?

    • WarningFakeNews

      TheGatewayPundit is now reporting that the photo CNN originally aired (after whitening the guy up) may not be the same man as the suspect. Just the same, it makes you wonder about where people got the idea for “fake news”- the media has been practicing it for so long…

  • who's to blame?

    those Amish are at it again. When are we going to take away their electricity and end this once and for all?


    Expect to see more of this type of behavior every day as hussien Obama opens the borders to that illegals and terrorists can flood into the country before Grand Supreme Leader Trump erects his huge wall and starts detaining and expelling the illegals back to their third world dump countries



      • RicU.

        Dan Wesson, This incident proves only one thing. If someone wants to do something, it will be done. The murder of Putin’s favorite driver late last year proves that. No firearms were involved. However the intelligence level displayed in these responses is frighteningly miniscule and shallow. Predictably, this perpetrator used used his weapon and then surrendered similar to the shooters at the movie in Denver several years ago. Without discussing programming of the perpetrator, I want to hear the complete report as we all know the inner machinations of this event and not the “Talking Head” splash.

        Let;s stop the Pennsyl-Tucky intelligence vacuum.

      • BE NICE

        While some people (humph, humph Josie) are already blaming the current state of this sad country on a man who hasn’t even been sworn into Presidency yet,….others are in a state of unsettled, yet hopeful mind, that something SOON gets done to START turning things around for the better! There are WAY too many mentally unstable and UN-belonging people living in our backyards!!!

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