Students Host Coat Drive To Benefit Classmates

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SCRANTON -- This isn't the first time Scranton High school has hosted a coat drive. But it is the first time student council has hosted a coat drive to help benefit students inside its own walls.

"Throughout the year, we always see a lot of kids not having a lot of coats and stuff, "said senior Tim Cleveland. "We don't want them to be cold."

Council members noticed kids walking to school out in the cold and got inspired to host a winter clothes drive throughout the month of January. The coats, gloves, scarves and hats will benefit those at the high school.

"It's just a good feeling inside knowing that you're helping people you know that you know need this stuff for the winter," said Samantha Peck.

One of the organizers, senior Emma Kaub, points out staying warm is a bigger issue among students than people think.

"They don't notice what people don't have unless they don't have it themselves," said Kaub. "So if they see other people are wearing stuff that are donated or that they gave, they might be more self-aware and might want to donate more and give more back to everyone."

Teacher Kaley Noone has already noticed plenty of students in need coming in to bundle up.

"Very pleasantly surprised that a lot of our students aren't too proud to get the supplies that they need,' said Noone.  That was one of the concerns that we had. We thought we would have a lot of donations, but we didn't know exactly who we would give them to. Our student population is very supportive of one another and nobody ever makes anybody feel ashamed and kids can come in and discreetly get what they need and move on with their day."

Any leftovers or child sized winter clothes will be distributed to students in the Scranton elementary schools.

The winter coat drive wraps up at the end of January.