Recycling Coming to Weissport

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WEISSPORT -- If you ask Scott Fritzinger from Weissport where he throws his recyclables now, he'll tell you right in the trash.

But that will soon change.  The borough has decided to set up a recycling site for residents to use on a trail basis.

"It's a good idea but everyone has a different opinion on the recycling so we will see if it works," said Scott Fritzinger, Weissport.

Weissport Borough Council agreed to try the recycling technique on a trial basis.

Two dumpsters will be placed at the end of White Street.

The service will come at no cost to community members.

"Well, now we won't have to take it or leave it anywhere. You can just run it down there and get rid of it," Leroy Stevens, Weissport.

"A lot of other towns are recycling now so we might as well join in," said Fritzinger.

Officials say only cardboard, newspapers, metal, glass and plastics can go into the bins.

"Right here near this field is where the two recycling dumpsters will go. People who live nearby say the addition can go two ways. It can either be a nice thing for the community or it can turn into a dumping ground.

"The only bad thing would be if they start throwing tires out. That is what ruins it," said Stevens.

"If they have strict rules on it and everything else. They really should have no problem," says Jesse Jordan, Weissport.

Jesse Jordan lives right across the street fro the field where the dumpsters will sit.

He believes as long as people don't abuse the site, it might be a nice addition to the community.

"There will be less pollution. Instead of people throwing things in the river and stuff, you can recycle them and turn them into something else," said Jordan.

The dumpsters are expected to be in place and ready to use by next week.