Palmerton Area Teachers Announce Strike

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PALMERTON -- A teachers strike is possible in one part of Carbon County.

If members of the teachers union and the Palmerton Area School Board cannot come to a contract agreement, teachers will be on the picket line come Monday.

Danielle Paules has two children in the district.

"Hoping it doesn't happen. The kids need to be in school so they don't go during the summer. So hopefully they come to an agreement this weekend," said Danielle Paules, Palmerton.

According to the District website and a notice sent out by the teachers union, salaries and health care are the main issues.

April Ruch says a strike is hard on teachers and students.

"I really don't think it should happen. I mean, I just feel it takes away from the children's education and from what I have been reading up on and what everyone has been telling the salary that they are asking for, I think it's a fair salary and their insurance I think is fair," said April Ruch, Palmerton.

People here in Palmerton want to see the teachers paid fairly, but they don't want to see their taxes go up because of it. So they are hoping both sides can come up with an agreement that is fair for everyone.

"I'd like to see them come to an agreement but I don't want them to see the raise our taxes also and it's not just me. A lot of other people live day to day and that would be very hard on them," said Nancy Beck, Palmerton.

If there is a strike on Monday, the school district says class for Carbon Career and Technical Institute students is still on and an effort is being made to keep extracurricular activities going.

The strike could last through January 19th.


  • McCracken

    You can’t get blood from a stone. I grew up in NEPA. There are some very poor parts that, really, cannot afford an increase in property tax (or increase in rent to offset the increase to the landlord). Some are young; some are old. Poverty does not discriminate.

  • FireThemAll

    Will PASD tax payers be receiving a pro rated refund for the vacation these “teachers” are taking? Will the teachers be paying for child care during their vacation? They’re useless anyway. Half of them should be fired for indoctrinating their students with their own personal political views.

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