Frackville Reacts to Possibility of Prison Closing

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RYAN TOWNSHIP -- SCI Frackville houses 1,150 inmates and employs 400 people, and it may now be on the chopping block.

The head of the Department of Corrections says Frackville is on the possible closing list because of its age.

"The two prisons will now be selected out of five of our old prisons, the five older prisons that are on the list that will be reviewed," explained Department of Corrections Secretary John Wetzel.

SCI Frackville opened in 1987. Even though closing it could hurt this area's economy, some folks said they would be happy if the prison did shut down.

"Well, that's probably safer because it won't bring bad people around. It will be safer for us," said Danielle Worthington of Frackville.

Others doubt moving the prisoners and employees will save money.

"It shocks me," said Ken Grube of Schuylkill Haven. "I do not understand how these legislatures do everything. They build it up, they spend tax money and then they just close the prison down. Where is all the tax money going?"

The state will announce its final decision on January 26 on which two of the five state prisons will close.


  • I Am The Antipope

    1987 is “old”? What? we need new prisons every 30 years now?
    Tom Wolf wants to let the lunatics and terrorists out.

  • Use Your Head

    Hello – sounds like we need more revenue! How about the GOP starts putting our state first? Instead of focusing on gas drilling campaign DONATIONS, how about focusing on REVENUE? Once and for all, get rid of the fracking impact fee and add the extraction fee that ALL other fracking states have. By doing that, we would generate 2/3 MORE than we would with impact fees.

      • RicU.

        I agree. As a former resident of Ossining, NY, I have delivered mail and taught in Sing Sing Prison which was originally opened in the 1830s and has had NO ESCAPES from inside the walls. The same goes for Dannemora Prison in Clinton, NY except for the one last year. PA has lead in privatizing prisons known as Prisons for Profit. At 400 employees for 1200 inmates, this is cheap. I am looking for the real reasons not the press release.

  • faaq

    “Well, that’s probably safer because it won’t bring bad people around. It will be safer for us,”

    You kidding me? Frackville is the Schuylkill County version of Nanticoke, and has been that way before the prison was even an idea.

    • SkookStuck

      “Wont bring bad people around” … I dont know about you but I would rather have the bad people coming to a prison then the house next door.

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