Florida Airport Shooting On Minds Of Travelers

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AVOCA — All eyes were tuned to the televisions at the Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport as news unfolded about a shooting at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

In the end, five people were killed, 8 injured and a lone suspect was in custody.

“I`ve been in Fort Lauderdale many, many times and it’s just terrible,” said John Evans from Drums, who was flying to Chicago. “Seems like every other week something is in the news with an active shooter somewhere, it`s just the world we live in today unfortunately, it`s terrible.”

“I think it`s horrible, this world, I don`t know what`s going on, it`s terrible,” said Phyllis Neal from Benton, who was headed to Seattle.

Law enforcement officials say the suspect flew to Fort Lauderdale with a gun that was declared and in his checked luggage.

It was in the baggage claim area where he reportedly retrieved the gun from his bag and opened fire.

“Terrifying because places like baggage claim and stuff, how do you keep them secure,” said Bryan Cardillo from Shavertown.

Airport officials say the Transportation Security Administration sets security protocol and they feel the airport is well protected.

“We have a security forces in place, both local law enforcement and also an airport security force and they are very diligent,” said Carl Beardlsey, the executive director of the Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport.

And despite this tragic shooting, people said they couldn`t let fear of the unknown disrupt their lives.

“It does make you a little bit more nervous but a lot of people fly so what can you do?” said Abigail Rider from Scott Township.



  • RicU.

    AGAIN, we, the viewers, have been promoted to the rank of VICTIM. If you feel always afraid, seek professional help. I recommend a Priest or Rabbi as we, the over taxed, don’t have enough to properly fund your treatment. We still drive and travel but we did read Putin’s favorite driver was murdered in a head on collision on a Moscow street late last year. W-B-S International is as safe any airport. I have flown from there often. It is the airlines and official security who make the experience less than pleasant. (Another story)

  • RicU.

    PEOPLE.. PEOPLE.. Can we stay on topic, PLEASE and “bag” the sarcasm? We have been given only early reports, facts in evidence, of event and darn few of them, by design and necessity. He took his weapon, committed the act then lay down to surrender. This sounds VERY similar to the shooting at the Batman movie in Aurora, CO a few years ago. This gunman was well trained and rehearsed. The rest will come out later.

    • Saywhat

      Right, and the FBI questioned him at length and then sent him for mental health evaluations.
      He would have been forced to stay at the mental health facility had funding been there but Congress has done everything to strip VA funding at every opportunity.

      • spoiled soldier boys

        These Afghanistan and Iraq veterans are a bunch of millennial cry babies. You little brats should have done a couple tours in Nam with myself and other strong men. I don’t see any Vietnam era vets pulling this kind of crap.

    • Humanity Never Ceases to Amuse Me

      No. The ones up here haven’t done anything that threatens our lives, so, to me, they are peaceful.

      • Humanity Never Ceases to Amuse Me

        If you look at my other comment, you’ll see that I’m a Muslim. I can’t disagree with you there. I’d just wish that people would stop calling Muslims terrorists. Any terrorist isn’t even human in my eyes. Like, if someone claimed to be Muslim or anything else then I wouldn’t call them that. It hurts me, though, that you would generalize the Muslims in this area as terrorists? Does that make any sense? Not really. I am strictly, and I mean very very very strictly, against any and all extremist beliefs. And the Muslims and both local mosques have spoken against terrorism multiple times. That is why I said the ones here are not violent. And guess what? They identify as sunni and sufi. Come as a shocker? You usually hear sunni associated with ISIS or some other subhuman organization. Seems to me that, as someone who knows at least something about my own religion, that we aren’t out for vengeance on the entire world. We want to live peacefully and coexist with everyone else, Muslim or not. Have you ever spoken to a Muslim? Maybe you should and that way you would get some real information, not what the majority of the media tells you.

    • Saywhat

      This was a failure of the TSA not the FBI. While a handicapped old lady was getting humiliated while having her colostomy bag inspected, this nutter was allowed to bring a loaded gun on a plane. WTH?!?

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        His gun was unloaded and packed away in his suitcase along with ammo. According to what I’ve read, he had an argument with more than one person on the plane (for reasons that haven’t been revealed yet). He went down to Baggage, got his gun and ammo out of his suitcase, loaded the gun and started shooting. What I don’t understand is no one saw him retrieving the gun and loading it there.

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