Folks Enter Lottery For Tickets to Presidential Inauguration

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HAZLETON -- Phones ringing off the hook has been the reoccurring theme at Congressman Lou Barletta's office on Broad Street in Hazleton. They've received thousands of phone calls for the past month from folks wanting to attend President-elect Donald Trump's swearing-in ceremony on January 20th.

To enter the lottery system, people in the 11th District leave their name and phone number. A lottery will decide who will attend the 58th inauguration at the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C.

"You only live once, might as well go for it," said Janet Myers of Hazleton.

Since Barletta's office announced they had 198 tickets to the inauguration, they have received thousands of phone calls.

Newswatch 16 caught up with folks hoping for a chance to be a part of history.

"That would really be the difference for me, being I went to service on my birthday in 1966, I put in 16 years, I'll be 70 on January 7, that is Russian Christmas, that would be a great milestone",  said Henry Freeman of Hazleton.

Others tell Newswatch 16 they would be much happier watching President-elect Donald Trump become President Donald Trump from the comfort of their living room.

"Trust me I'm interested in politics, but I am not interested in traffic and cold weather," Joseph Grula of Hazleton

Only people in Congressman Barletta's district are eligible for the lottery.

The deadline to apply for tickets for the inauguration in Washington D.C. is Friday.


  • JohnKimball

    I like how the media has now adopted Obama’s creepy, condescending term ‘folks’ when referring to us common citizens.

  • WarningFakeNews

    Those folks on both sides of the aisle pushing for uncontrolled illegal immigration run counter to the rest of American society, and part of the proof of that was how many Latinos voted for trump compared to past G.O.P. candidates. They came here for a better life, not to have ISIS flood into this country and terrorize them. The media, political elites of both parties, and the corporate world are appalled that Trump will keep his word and will try to throw up roadblocks wherever possible, but he’ll likely get the job done in spite of it.

    • KC 61

      “We’re gonna build a wall and (crowd joins in) MEXICO’S GONNA PAY FOR IT!” How’s that workin’ out? The guy isn’t even in office and he’s breaking promises.

      • JohnKimball

        Calm down. Did you really think he meant Mexico would write us a check for wall, before Trump even took office? No, if you had taken time to think about his claims instead of just dismiss them, you’d realize there are many other complex ways countries ‘pay’ each other (trade arrangements, taxes, etc.).

        The problem for you people who opposed Trump (and the reason he won) is because you took everything he said literally (e.g. Mexico paying for it means they’ll write us a check), but you refused to take anything he said seriously (e.g. at the same time, you refused to believe he might actually follow through with building a wall). Keep underestimating him this way, and he’ll keep winning.

      • Trump is a tiny-handed mutant

        JOHNKIMBALL, Trump is American born. English is his first language. Why does he need an interpreter?

      • god emperor trump

        More like, the guy isn’t even in office and he’s already saving American jobs. Jobs Obama said couldn’t be brought back.

      • Trumple-thin-skin

        Butthurt? No. We’re just more than willing and prepared to offer Putin’s “boy” the same degree of respect and support that was extended to Obama these last eight years.

        (Really, has it been eight years? Why, yes it has been. Obama was TWICE elected President. )

    • Fritter

      It’s already begun. Guess who’s going to be paying for Trump’s wall. Hint: It’s not Mexico, or Trump, for that matter.

      • JohnKimball

        Do you know what’s funny though? Let’s assume for the sake of argument Mexico doesn’t end up paying us back for it. Trump has moved the goal posts so far on this issue that he could build this great big wall and start curbing immigration, two ideas liberals like you absolutely loathe, and you’d still think you ‘won’ because of the (relatively) small detail of who paid for it.

      • Fritter

        “Let’s assume for the sake of argument Mexico doesn’t end up paying us back for it. ”

        For the sake of argument? How about for the sake of reality?

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