Vehicles in Williamsport Damaged By Gunshots

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WILLIAMSPORT – Police in Williamsport are trying to find out who fired shots at a busy intersection near a hospital. No one was hurt, but some vehicles were hit.

Vehicles can get dents and bumps, but the paint on a minivan peeled off when a bullet grazed it. The vehicle was parked outside a home on High Street in Williamsport Tuesday when neighbors heard several shots.

"No, it was broad daylight. Right before the kids got out of school. It was very scary," said Alaina.

This is what police in Williamsport say happened: just before 2 p.m. Tuesday, several shots were fired near First Avenue and High Street.

Neighbors tell Newswatch 16 they heard about 13 shots and saw shell casings in the grass. A minivan parked on High Street was hit, so was another car that was parked at a hospital about a block away.

"I know quite a few of my family members work at the hospital. Just knowing they could have been walking out from work is very scary," said Alaina.

No one was hurt when one of those stray bullets hit a vehicle just passing through the neighborhood on High Street.

"It could have been anybody. They could have had kids in the car. A kid could have got hurt or killed. It's really just scary. It could of been me, us driving by," said Alaina.

Some neighbors tell Newswatch 16 they heard the gunfire and even saw the shooter run away. Jerry Webb hopes those people will reach out to police.

"I think that's why it's so important to have a neighborhood watch whether it's official or unofficial. It's people looking out for people. Neighbors looking out for neighbors," said Webb.


  • JessicaInWilliamsport

    This is actually kind of a good news story, nobody was hurt. Maybe someone was playing with his or her xmas present… joking aside… does anyone check the grammar on these stories? “could of” is not a phrase “could’ve or could have” is the proper way to write that. It’s not that these folks are answering the questions in writing, they’re speaking….

    • loser

      Yea Jessica, this is a real kinda good news story. You fool! Let me guess. Your fat, white, has a low self-esteem, you date all of the prison ridden thugs, AND take care of their 12 different children they have with 12 different women like yourself. Am I pretty close?

  • El Ma

    and………….this is why I chose to NOT relocate to Williamsport. I commute to that city and others around the region, and it is clear that social behavior is out of control and not likely to improve. Make a bad deal to import the inner-city element from Philly, and this is what results. Yay, duck and cover!!!!!!!!!!

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