Police Officer Arrested for Threatening to Kill Wife, Kids

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LEWISBURG -- A police officer in Union County finds himself on the other side of the law after he was arrested for threatening to kill his wife and her kids.

According to court papers, the officer was drunk and taking prescription medication to help with an addiction.

Officer Shawn Kuhns, 40, from the Buffalo Valley Regional Police Department near Lewisburg is suspended from the force with pay while there is an investigation.

According to court papers, his wife ran to the home of another police officer for help when Kuhns threatened to kill her and her sons.

Court papers show Kuhns was off duty when he went out for dinner and drinks with his family. When they got home, Kuhns went to his bedroom and started destroying the furnishings inside the room. His wife and her sons tried to stop him and at this time he pushed, shoved, and swung at the three and repeated, "I'm going to kill you!"

"How can we depend upon police officers if this is what they're doing," Brenda Terrell asked.

Police say Kuhns got so drunk he needed to be helped out of the restaurant. Paperwork indicates he got drunk so fast because he was also under the influence or prescribed medication for addiction to opioid pain medication and he is not supposed to have alcohol when taking this medication.

"I certainly wouldn't want him protecting me, no," Tina Prowant said.

"I think that it's not a very promising sign. I'm not exactly sure about the appropriate action that has to be taken," Alex Damjamovic said.

The Buffalo Valley Regional Police Chief says Kuhns has been suspended with pay, pending the results of an internal investigation. All of his equipment has been confiscated, but that's as far as the chief would comment.

"He should end up being -- as far as I'm concerned -- not working and not getting paid for what he did," Prowant said.

Shawn Kuhns faces several charges, including terroristic threats and harassment.

"I do believe he needs to be rehabilitated and hopefully will never, ever carry a gun," Terrell said.

Shawn Kuhns was arrested and taken to the Columbia County Jail. He posted bail Wednesday.


  • saywhat?

    It is very disturbing to think they allow officers use drugs to combat addiction while on duty carrying firearms let alone allow them to remain on the force with a known addiction carrying firearms enforcing the laws they themselves cannot preserve?

  • Bill K.

    “suspended with pay” Yeah we all know if it was a civilian working in a government job that person would have been fired on the spot. But police are merely suspended with pay. I know he’ll probably get fired. But my point is why should he still get paid for literally doing nothing? Don’t give me that “innocent until proven guilty” crap either. In a case like this it’s obvious he’s guilty.

    • Don Shaw

      You are factually wrong. In government it is almost always the case the person is suspended with pay. I am not a big fan but sadly we have cases where officers end up being entangled in politics for doing their job. So you have an officer down near Harrisburg who shoots and kills a suspect. She is later found not guilty and the incident comes about the start of the anti cop hate campaigns. I am glad to see she was protected and she extracted a heavy price to resign from her department after, first, deciding to stay on.

      It’s a big cost because to protect some from politics we have to extend protection to clowns, as well.

      And as shocking as this will be for you, in America everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

  • Common Sense

    Can we tell the Police Unions to go pound salt and start drug testing cops, already???
    I know the local Chief of Police is “dating” the local “heroin princess” and nobody seems to notice…hhhmmmmmm????

  • be careful!

    I would be a little careful giving interviews on television about this sensitive subject. It’s been known that the long arm of the law is capable of making people disappear.

    • sully

      Actually, if you care to look past your hate for police, the VAST majority DO support LE. It’s really a very small % of people who hate/ distrust the police. 99% of LE officers are doing their job the right way. Although 1 officer acting this way or breaking the law is 1 too many, there is not profession that doesn’t have nit-wits employed. People like you stating perceived facts to support your hate, are really the problem. The fact is most people do support LE. Now, off you go to protest, or shall we say Smash windows, steal stuff, get on TV because you don’t have a life or a JOB>

      • lookback

        Yea right, because you say so. It would take a calculator to add up all the “bad” cops who have been exposed just in PA alone in the last year. Hey, you guys got it made, commit a crime and get a paid vacation and a union rep that would probably defend Hitler if he wore a blue uniform. In PA, if you can’t handle a real job, you can always become a cop.

    • justice for all

      Speak for yourself. I have more respect for LEO’s than I do for ignorant anarchists who mutter muffled blanket statements with their heads that far up their own butt. Cops have as much chance of having a bad apple amongst them as any family does like that POS who just shot that state trooper. Should we trust people like that instead?

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