Packaging Company Plans New Jobs in Lackawanna County

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JESSUP --  It may be quiet right now at the Jessup Small Business Center, but over the next three years, part of the park in Lackawanna County is expected to get busier. The governor's office announced Wednesday 74 new full-time jobs are coming.

"This is what our country is about and our office of community development which does a good job in trying to pull businesses in our community. This is just another way for Lackawanna County to accommodate our citizens," said Lackawanna County Commissioner Pat O'Malley.

LBP,  a company that makes paper and plastic packages for the food industry, is moving into the old BAE Systems building. LBP Manufacturing will spend $6 million to fix up the building and bring in new equipment.

"Recently we can see a positive turn. I think in the last five years it has been negative, but I think in the next five years
but I think there has been a swing in the last two years," said C.J. Moustacchio of Archbald.

For business owners, like Saint George's Family Restaurant in Jessup and  Old Towne Coffee in Archbald, more jobs, hopefully, means more business.

"Hopefully, the more jobs that come in the area the better for me, I like to see more come but you got to start from somewhere, but I am thrilled someone is coming back to the area," said Brian Gilgallon of Old Towne Coffee.

"It's going to be good for the area and good for the community. It's going to bring more people around for more customers," said George Bolsar of Saint George's Restaurant.

LBP Manufacturing plans to start hiring soon, with the 74 jobs coming over the next three years.


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