Former Attorney General Kane Begins Appeals Process

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NORRISTOWN, PA -- Former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane has started the process of appealing her perjury conviction.

Kane was convicted and resigned last year. Prosecutors accused her of leaking confidential grand jury information to a newspaper and lying about it.

After that conviction, a judge sentenced Kane to 10 to 23 months in jail. She quickly posted bail and now the first papers in her appeal have been filed.

In August, it took just four hours for a jury in Montgomery County to find former Kane guilty of perjury and other charges.

Jurors decided Kane, from Scranton, broke the law by engineering the leak of confidential information that led to a newspaper story in 2014. The jury also found her guilty of perjury for lying to a state grand jury investigating the leaks.

In papers filed this week, her lawyers listed what they believe were nine mistakes made by the judge at Kane's trial, including denying Kane's request to have a judge from outside Montgomery County handle the trial.

Kane's lawyer claims three other judges in Montgomery County were connected to the case.

In the appeal, Kane's lawyers also argue she was a victim of selective and vindictive prosecution.

And her lawyers say Kane should have been allowed to use pornographic emails she uncovered as evidence in her defense.

Her lawyers say she never had a chance to show jurors she was targeted by some of the state employees caught up in the so-called "porngate" scandal.

The judge in Montgomery County who presided over Kane's trial will now defend her rulings in writing. The state Superior Court will then take up the appeal.

Kathleen Kane remains free on bail.


  • tomtom

    go get them Special K…the witch hunt is over…name names…don’t let them frame you like Frein and Sandusky…you go girl…

    • Sam

      but every now and then as i look at a facial side shot of her face it reminds me of Michael Jackson….. fake nose ! fake nose !

  • TommyD

    Good for her. We have to ‘drain the swamp’ And I am with Kathleen Kane on this one. She’s been fighting these EVIL DOERS for TOO LONG now. Porno hustlers should never be on the public’s dime. Take them DOWN!

  • les

    She’ll tie this up in the courts for years as any slick lawyer would and us taxpayers will pay for the prosecution. And probably, in some way, for her defense too.
    Rotten beotch.

  • Bill K.

    Here we go! She will take a page out of the Sandusky playbook. She will claim ineffective council. She will say her council told her not to testify in her own defense. That’s exactly what Sandusky did. She will never go away and will never see the inside of a jail. However, I’ll still say she’s HOT!

    • TommyD

      Investigate these crooks. They can take anyone down when they feel threatened. She’s the one that is in the right. Our whole court system is crooked as all get-out.

  • rev. greenbuds

    The last time I got sentenced 10 to 23 months in jail, I don’t remember the option to appeal. They locked my azz right up after the gavel hit the round, disc like thingy.

    • GFYS

      Your problem is that you were’nt savy enough to have either a politician in your back pocked nor a payed off official to help you out. You must have been low level. Come one dude, either hire a hacker to help your cause with dirt on people and threaten them, or GTFO. This is the way of the future- either you blackmail people so you don’t go to jail or you go to jail. information is king.

    • Donamick

      I’m quite sure there a lot more just like you then there are not except of course the political “elite”

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