Congressman’s Son Grounded for Dabbing During Swearing-in Photo With Paul Ryan

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WASHINGTON  — On a day filled with pomp, circumstance and photo ops meant to commemorate pomp and circumstance, leave it to the youth to out-ridiculous everyone else.

After House Speaker Paul Ryan officially swore in the 115th Congress Tuesday, he began an hours-long photo op with members and their families.

Newly-minted Rep. Roger Marshall, a Kansas Republican, got more than he bargained for in his photo. Despite being a father of four with what is likely a finely-tuned nonsense radar, one of the younger Marshalls decided to take full advantage of his front and center position … by dabbing.

Dabbing is an upper body movement — made popular by Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, and made embarrassing by former Rep. Loretta Sanchez during a political debate. Young Mr. Marshall did a textbook dab in the hallowed halls of Congress.

As you can see, Ryan didn’t really get it.

“Do you want to put your hand down?” Ryan said. “You gonna sneeze? That it?”

He admitted as much later on Twitter.

Congressman Marshall was not amused and tweeted that he grounded his son for the stunt.


  • DJB

    Typical behavior today—and it’s not just kids, it’s adults, too. Total lack of respect for honor, tradition, and integrity. I don’t think the kid has anything wrong with him mentally or physically as someone else pointed out here—he is just suffering from poor judgment and a lack of class. I know I will get dinged on this comment but those who will say he was just being a kid or leave him alone, or worse, who cares—how would you feel if you were being sworn into a high political office as was his Dad—a truly momentous occassion and the kid disses him like that? What about what Dad or Mom thinks or feels? Or does that no longer count? Just another symptom of a rotting culture and erosion of values.

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      Ok, I looked up a video of it and as I assumed, it’s somethIng extremely ghetto and highly uneducated.

      Yes, the kid deserves to be grounded.

      • despicable

        Yup Lloyd, your correct. Our black youth have falling far behind, (I never thought they were too close anyways) but the problem with that is now they’re dragging our white youth backwards with them. I think by reinstating the Jim Crowe laws, things could be fixed rather quickly. It seemed, at one time, it worked very well for the Southern states.

      • Fritter

        ” dragging our white youth backwards with them.”

        But what about personal responsibility? Why are white youth so weak minded as to be so easily swayed? Character comes from one’s upbringing. White America, why can’t you raise decent children?

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