Residents Fight to Keep Water Clean

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WEST PENN TOWNSHIP -- Water problems brought residents to a township supervisors meeting in Schuylkill County.

Protesters stood outside the West Penn Township building Tuesday night fed up by water extraction affecting their community.

A local firm started extracting water from the township last year for the Niagara company.

Since then, residents say there have been problems.

"You can't continue to drain one small community of water and not expect there to be repercussions," said Allison McArdle of New Ringgold.

During the meeting, tensions boiled over as residents met with township supervisors.

Jim Hehn of Andreas said back in November when water companies started extracting near his home, his water supply turned brown.

"It happened on a Friday night late at night. They really run it at night. We obviously couldn't use the water that night and it was pretty brown Saturday and we had to leave the house," Hehn said.

Residents say the quality of the water has made them find alternatives just for simple chores.

"They are screwing up with my water so bad, I don't wash my whites at home. I take them someplace else. You know why? Because the red crap that comes up, it stains," said Celia Pohlot of New Ringgold.

The water trucks are expected to run 100 trucks daily through West Penn Township leaving residents worried about conditions on once quiet roads.

"I want my kids to be able to walk safely across the street to see their aunt, and with 100 trucks traveling there through the day, you can't keep them safe," added McArdle.

Residents plan to protest every month until the water extraction stops.

Township supervisors say the issue will be brought up again at next month's meeting.


  • Richard

    That brown water video is clearly doctored. Why do you libs always have to get in the way of companies doing their jobs? If your water turns brown its probably because you’re not maintaining the pipes properly.

    • joe

      This is a first for me.
      I’ve owned 4 houses & never “maintained the pipes” & never had brown water except after utility work on water mains in the street or plumbing work done in the house.
      And that cleared up within 5 mins.
      Explain how to “maintain the pipes”.

    • sammy

      You make about as much sense as every troll on the Internet. Clean water is not a lib or conservative issue. If you’re paying a water bill and local taxes, it’s a consumer issue. This problem just started for all these people? I doubt if everyone’s pipes “need maintenance” at the same time.

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